Word from the President

We hope your 2023 is off to a fantastic start. If your business is anything like ours, the first quarter of the year was busy. We expect more of the same as we move through the second quarter of 2023.

Evans has been fortunate that our company has had a steady stream of work coming in through a mix of building additions, retrofit projects and even some ground-up construction. It's a good indicator that the economy in the Wichita area is holding steady and so many local businesses continue to grow.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank our trade partners who work so hard to keep our projects moving forward. They like so many others in business often experience disruptions in the supply chain that create delays in the process, but we all do our best to get out ahead of potential issues that could slow down a project.

Additionally, we are keeping a close eye on rising materials prices (steel in particular) and trying to plan accordingly. The unstable market is leading to price increases. So if you are considering moving forward with a building project, this might be an opportune time to proceed before prices increase further. We know cost is a concern, so we work with our customers to find ways to save in other areas to keep projects within budget.

Meanwhile, spring is a good time to remind you of the importance of maintaining your buildings. Make sure joints and seams are sealed properly as well as window frames to prevent leaks. Inspect weather stripping and replace it as necessary. Unfortunately, the best leak detector is a good rain, but being proactive now can save you some headaches later. If spring storms do wreak havoc on your property, we can assist with getting the proper repairs done.

Evans Building Company is a resource after storms and winds and can offer valuable, cost-saving solutions, so make sure to involve us early in the process.

We'd like to congratulate Maize High School for winning the Class 5A state championship in wrestling, its first in school history. Ten of the team's 11 state qualifiers placed and two earned individual state championships. Additionally, congratulations to the Maize South boys basketball team for winning its sub-state tournament and advancing to the state tournament.

Good luck to all of the area teams competing this spring.

Bill Johnson, President
Evans Building Co. Inc.

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