designbuild2014How do you achieve a compromise of beauty and function with affordability?

We believe the key is a proactive design/build philosophy, paired with pre-engineered building systems. With the design/build approach, we bring the builder and architect together with the client to consolidate design and construction services. Our expert in-house design team can modify existing plans to your exact specification, or create a custom design that is attractive and economical. Design-build also provides more interaction and freedom in developing architectural plans, all while eliminating surprises or costly last-minute requests.

Evans Building Company offers ultimate flexibility and increased efficiency with a state-of-the-art AutoCAD and Revit design and drafting system. Most standard building designs can be completed in less than an hour with this system, shaving vital weeks off of your total construction schedule. Even the most complicated designs can produce preliminary drawings instantly, giving clients a tangible vision of their project early in the sales process.

We also use software developed by our building manufacturer, Varco Pruden Buildings, known as VP Command. VP Command automates estimating and ordering phases, providing enhanced project control, accurate project pricing and ensures that materials are efficiently processed and delivered to field erection crews quickly.

Our Design/Build approach guarantees higher quality, greater accuracy and better delivery. Just another reason why Evans Building Company is "The Team To Build With!"