Why design-build is gaining popularity for construction projects

Committing to a building project brings with it decisions about how the structure will be designed and ultimately constructed. Those elements often are done sequentially and by different entities through a traditional design-bid-build method, but building owners increasingly are finding value in utilizing a streamlined design-build approach.

In this blog, we are detailing benefits of the design-build model. With design-build, the design and construction processes are managed by the same entity. That means a single contract and a single point of responsibility for how a building is designed and later constructed. Design-build allows a contractor to bring an interdisciplinary approach to the construction process.

Evans Building Company uses the design-build method for the majority of its pre-engineered metal building projects. Members of our team work closely with owners and other key decision makers within a business to understand their needs and wants for a project. That information is then used to create a site plan, floor plan and a rendering for the building. We engage the project stakeholders throughout the process to ensure they are getting exactly what they need.

With fewer entities involved, the construction process can be expedited, often resulting in shorter turn-around times on projects. Design-build also can create cost savings through value engineering and increased efficiencies. Additionally, design-build gives owners more control over the whole project because they work closely with the entire project delivery team.

Are you ready to move forward with a building construction project? Call us to learn more about how we can provide design-build solutions to meet your needs.

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