Safety is no accident

Job site safety. Shop safety. Even safety in the office. It’s all built into the culture of Evans Building Company.

The goal is ZERO accidents and injuries, and we work hard every day to ensure that risks are minimized to keep our employees safe. Our safety meeting each Monday morning sets the tone for the week. These meetings are used as opportunities to provide safety training on something specific, such as power tool safety, or serve as a reminder of something workers encounter regularly, such as personal protective equipment. Senior Risk Control Consultant Dan Steigerwald (also known as “Safety Dan”) provides our team additional training once a month through our partnership with insurance broker IMA Financial Group, Inc.

One of our big focuses with regard to safety is training employees to anticipate what could happen and steps that can be taken to prevent an accident. It keeps everyone thinking proactively and helps to mitigate complacency that can lead to preventable injuries.

While safety is always top of mind -- or at least it should be -- the annual Construction Safety Week presents opportunities for people and businesses in the construction industry to recommit to safety. This year, Construction Safety Week was May 1-5.

Evans Building Company is committed to employee safety. Are you?

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