Incorporate site planning for future growth

Planning for growth can be overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. Evans Building Company can help.

We incorporate site planning as a standard part of our project development and design-build process for customers.

Customers often come to us with more immediate needs to expand by wanting to add on to their existing facility or have a new building constructed. We help them think about future needs as well by designing buildings that can be expanded in phases as needed within the footprint of a property. Our Varco Pruden Buildings structures are engineered to be adaptable and expanded, which makes connecting to existing structures less problematic.

Site plans are needed most often with our manufacturing customers when they need additional space to increase their machining capacity and/or capabilities. Having a site plan to refer to aids the design process for their expansion. However, site planning can be beneficial for businesses regardless of industry.

Our site planning also incorporates where future paving might be required for things such as parking lots, storage lots or drive approaches.

Yes, creating a site plan can be done more easily on new builds or where land space isn’t an issue. However, we also help customers craft a site plan for existing structures by identifying portions of a building where an expansion or addition is feasible. Often, that entails squaring off an irregularly shaped building or incorporating previously unused space on a property.  

You may not see the need to look too far ahead now, but when it does come time for an expansion, you'll be glad there's a site plan to refer back to.

Are you thinking about expanding? Let us help you plan for your needs now and in the future.

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