Energy saving tips for heating & cooling

With the extremely hot weather that we saw over the summer and with winter not too far in the distant future, have you been wondering about ways in which you can save costs with your cooling and heating? There are various things that you can do to save money without sacrificing comfort.

Programmable thermostats are one easy way to help your HVAC system be more efficient. They allow you to set a program that can adjust the building temperature for when it is empty while still keeping a comfortable temperature for when employees are present. By using a 7 to 10-degree setback for 8 hours per day, you could save as much as 10 percent on energy costs.

An economizer is another tool for making your facility more energy efficient. If the air outside is cooler than the internal building temperature, it is cost-effective to turn off the compressor and use the outside air for your cooling needs. The economizer will cycle that cooler air into the building without using the HVAC compressor to keep the building cool.  Economizers can be retrofitted to most systems, so you can still reap the cost-saving benefits even if you already have an existing system.

Need to reduce humidity levels in your building without overcooling your space? A Humiditrol dehumidification system could be what you're looking for. This system removes moisture from the environment without affecting the temperature, so you can have a cool, comfortable and healthy environment. Since today's buildings are more efficient and weathertight than ever, moisture loads may increase since there is less outside air exchange. The dehumidification system provides fresh-air ventilation, which reduces the spread of allergens like mold, dust mites and mildew.

High-efficiency HVAC units can also help in reducing your facility's energy use.

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