Winter Weather Doesn’t Have to Put a Freeze on Your Schedule

It’s a well-known fact that Kansas weather is unpredictable. And winter in Kansas is no exception.  Just this week, we’ve experienced swings in temperature from nearly zero to sixty degrees across a matter of days.

Despite the often-frigid temperatures or threat of heavy snow, general contractors in the Midwest usually find their crews able to work through the majority of the harshest winter months.

This poses an interesting question for building owners – does it make sense to begin a new project during the cold or wait for the first sign of spring?

Making the decision to build a new facility or expand upon an existing building can be an exhilarating, albeit nerve-wracking, experience. What many fail to consider is the amount of pre-construction work that goes into the planning and development of any new project.

Depending on the complexity and scope of a new building, preliminary design phases can take several months - or longer - to finalize. During this time, bids are collected from potential subcontractors and civil requirements are identified by engineers. As a budget begins to take shape through these discussions, financing can then be secured with an appropriate lender. The winter season can be a great time to navigate these initial steps.

Many owners also choose to complete interior remodeling projects during the winter, when traditional construction field work may slow. In many cases, upgrades and even entire facility expansions can be completed without disrupting normal business operations. Exterior building walls can be erected and enclosed to allow interior work to continue unfazed by the elements outside.

And if you’re still looking at breaking ground as temperatures drop, rest assured that winter weather doesn’t have to put a freeze on your construction schedule.

With proper planning and preparation, your next project can move forward when the time is right. Give us a call and let “The Team to Build With” guide you through the process.

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