Prolong the life of your building with a metal roofing system

The roof of your building is starting to show its age.

Ideally, potential roof issues should be identified through regular maintenance and inspections. Problems should be addressed before damage or leaks get worse. Perhaps your building has poor drainage that needs to be corrected.

Whatever the case, repairs can suffice in many cases but those only last so long. If it’s time for a new roof, the good news is you have options. Rather than considering coatings or membranes that only last five to 10 years, choose a retrofit option that incorporates a longer-lasting metal roofing system instead.

Evans Building Company has a variety of retrofitting roofing options at its disposal through our manufacturing partner Varco Pruden Buildings. Some examples are:

·        Incorporating a slope build-up system using additional steel framing and angle bracing to change or match an existing roof pitch.

·        Removing and replacing the old roof sheets and insulation with a new system that attaches to existing framing. In this case, the existing roof slope remains the same, but additional framing can be added as required to meet new building codes.

·        Installing a new metal roof system over an existing metal roof system. This is done by incorporating new framing members or purlins and support brackets for the new sheeting.

Some similar approaches can be used for wall retrofits as well.

Generally, sheeting systems for roofs can be installed over conventional structural systems, including bar and joist and deck construction; beam and open bar joist construction; plywood or oriented strand board over trusses; and concrete deck. Roofing projects often can be completed without interrupting your business operations.

When it’s time to re-roof, Evans will assist with providing a structural analysis of your existing building, code compliance and permitting, determining warranty coverage and obtaining stamped engineering drawings. 

Contact us to learn more about retrofit roofing solutions to meet the needs of your building. 

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