Radiant Heat for Commercial Buildings

If you are looking for an energy efficient alternative to conventional HVAC systems, you may want to consider radiant heating.  Radiant heating is not a new concept, but with advances in technology it has begun to increase in popularity.  This type of heating system works by directing heat to the floor, ceiling or wall, where…
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Words From the President

Since 1962, we have been in the business of creating and maintaining lasting relationships with our customers. Our knowledge and experience in our industry allows us to better serve our community while providing the products and services that our customers have come to expect. Our area has been affected recently by heavy rains and flooding…
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Benefits of LED Lighting

The lighting of your facility is a very important element of functionality and can also enhance the aesthetic qualities of your building. LED lighting offers many benefits over other lighting systems, which makes it a good choice to consider when building a new facility or when switching over your existing lighting system. While the initial…
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