Employee Spotlight: Audias Quintana

Employee Spotlight: Audias Quintana is a member of our concrete crew and recently celebrated fourteen years with Evans Building Company. He also spends several hours per week participating in company-sponsored English classes. Thanks for being a fantastic part of the Evans team, Audias!
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Words From the President

It's been an exciting few weeks for Wichita and its surrounding communities.  Many got to experience near totality of the solar eclipse, summer came to a close for most of the area school children and headlines announcing continued community development streamed across local news outlets. I’m particularly encouraged by the recent resurgence of activity in…
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Construction Drones Taking Off

Have you ever wondered what your building’s roof looks like?  Just what exactly is up there? Many building owners and managers have never had the chance to climb up and take a look for themselves, but now we can deliver those answers quickly and securely using drone cameras. We recently purchased a drone and are excited…
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